Come join the fun!

Subgun & Beltfed matches are normally held monthly.

Each match offers challenging and fun courses of fire, featuring steel and paper targets. Semi-auto rifles in pistol calibers are also welcome to shoot the Subgun match.

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. This will be the last Subgun and Beltfed matches until September. See you at the match.

The next regular Subgun/PCC Match will be held on Thursday May 13th at 5:00 PM.

Thursday Subgun match starts at 5pm. Please make every attempt to be there BEFORE start time. Understand that life happens, and running late happens. However, it is not very respectful for those that stay late to tear down, as everyone is uncompensated. Please be respectful, and make every attempt to show up on time.

The Beltfed match will be on Saturday May 15th at 3:00 PM at the RSSC high power range.

This will be the last beltfed match for spring, until the cooler temperatures in the fall. This belt-fed match will be designed for a course of fire for Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW’s), so If you have a M248, MK46, M16, Shrike, Lage M11/15, this course of fire will be perfect for those weapons. You CAN SHOOT ANY OTHER BELTED, WATER COOLED weapon, however, course of fire will benefit SAW configurations more! Maximum round count is 100 rounds. That means a 100 round belt, or 100 rounds in magazines total. If you are shooting a M16/AR15 style magazine, or equivalent...three 30 round mags, and one mag with 10 rounds will be a good setup...HINT. Otherwise, a 100 round beta or two 50 round drums would work also. There will be a bonus flash target around 300 to 400 yards FYI. And as normal, a free shoot after the match. Come on out, it will be the last match for a while as the summer heat is coming fast.



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