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Subgun & Beltfed matches are normally held monthly.

Each match offers challenging and fun courses of fire, featuring steel and paper targets. Semi-auto rifles in pistol calibers are also welcome to shoot the Subgun match.

Here is the info on the November Subgun and Belt Fed matches.

The Desert Walk Match (Subgun and PCC) will be on Saturday November 27th at 8:00 AM.

The Fall shoot and Beltfed match will be held on Saturday November 13th at the Maricopa range.

Desert Walk Match:

This year in place of the Arizona State Subgun Match (ASSM), on Saturday November 27, a DESERT WALK MATCH will be held on the High Power range, from 8am to 1PM.

There will be two (2) shooting groups:

1) Full Auto
2) PCC/Semi Auto

Your FIRST Run/Gun will cost $30. There is NO pre registration just show up and shoot. If you want to shoot again, same gun, different gun, friends gun, Second and successive Run's are $20 each. Sorry, no pistols this year, but maybe next year. First Run shooters will be priority, over second and third runs. Match starts at 8am, and is planned to end around 1PM, you can come and watch, or come later(please try and show up no later than 11AM) , your choice, we are running this "similar" to the Jungle Walk at Knob Creek, if you are familiar with that match.

Course of fire:

The match will consist of four (4) shooting positions, moving downrange diagonally on High Power(HP). Round count will be approximately 88 rounds. All ammo will be carried by shooter. All shooting will be done from the four shooting boxes. Will NOT be on Practiscore. You do not need to sign up before hand, just show up on Saturday 27th between 8AM and 11AM. NO STEEL CORE AMMO. Center fire pistol calibers only (No rimfire, No carbine calibers, no rifle calibers). Provide your email if not already on distribution, for scores. LA Police gear has donated a great bag, will hand out at your first run, as supplies last.

We are trying something new. Something with lower round count, something that can be canceled if COVID restrictions require, and something that opens our match up to more people. Come on out and have fun!

ALSO, at the same time as the Desert Walk Match is being conducted, on Pistol Bay 4 (PB4) there will be a open head to head shoot, each 6 target shooting tree, and a dueling crossover target (7 rounds minimum). Cost is $5 per shooter(two shooters at a time), and the WINNER gets their $5 back. Pistols, PCC, FA Subgun's, whoever wants to shoot, come on out. We ran this event years ago, and everyone liked it, so we are doing it again. All bragging rights, all for fun, and the funds help out Full Auto Division for the year. You do not need to shoot the Desert Walk, to shoot the PB4 Head to Head event.

Lastly, Pistol Bay(s) 1 thru 3, will be OPEN for those that shoot the DESERT Walk, test fire, functional fire, try friends PCC or Subgun, again, be safe, and have fun.

Hope to see everyone at this years Desert Walk, come on out, bring a friend , and show them what Rio Salado Sportsmans Club has to offer!

Fall shoot and Beltfed match

The Fall shoot and Beltfed match will be held on Saturday November 13th at the Maricopa range.

The setup will be at 10:00AM.
Free shooting and sight in at 11:00AM.
Beltfed Match will be at 1:00PM.
Night Match when it gets dark.

After the match there will be open shooting. There will also be hand thrown shotgun targets so BRING YOUR SHOTGUN. There will be a night match so bring your night vision and weapon mounted light, and laser. The night match can be shot with a subgun, PCC, or pistol. Bring your own FOOD and DRINKS for the day. If you need directions to the Maricopa range TEXT 480 231 7627 with your name.



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